Política de Privacidade

Início / Política de Privacidade

Privacy Policy

Where we assign the pronoun "we" means this website (RagStores.com) and its respective administrators.

  1. We reserve the right to update the Terms and Policies at any time without notice.
  2. We do not sell any personal data.
  3. Any published ad will be automatically deleted between 6 to 25 days after it is published. The deletion is permanent and directly in the site's database.
  4. Deleting any account is done directly in the database.
  5. We maintain a security backup of the site, but we will not guarantee that your data may be in that backup.
  6. We do not carry out any type of validation or analysis with the data provided, either in the Login or in published advertisements. All processing takes place at runtime, i.e., when an action is performed: Login, Ad Publishing, Deletions, among others. These were the processes of the functionalities of the site there is no other.
  7. If any data is breached and we become aware of it, the complete deletion of it will be done immediately, even if this means the complete deletion of all ads from the respective account until the deletion of that account itself.
  8. All ads and account profiles are public and there is no possibility of them being private, so we are not responsible if you enter the site with personal social media accounts.
  9. We use services such as CloudFlare, Google Analytics and Hotjar for traffic control and security against possible threats. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of each of these services and what data they use so that we have metrics on access and reach of the site.
  1. We use AdOpt's services to adapt the website to LGPD (Brazil). Click to read more.
  2. We use Hotjar's services for session monitoring and website usability statistics, such as heatmaps and usage time. Passwords are not logged. Click to read more about.
  3. We use CloudFlare's services for security and performance, and it uses Cookies. Click to read more about.
  4. We use Google Analytics services to better understand the traffic on our website, as well as usage statistics to improve the user experience. Click to read more.
  5. In the lower left corner there is a blue AdOpt button from which you can view and configure the cookies used by us. Click to read more.
What data do we store about you
  1. Username of the login service you have chosen: Twitter, Facebook, or any other available on the login screen. Can be customized and changed through the page Account.
  2. We save your settings entered on the pages Account and on the Publication Form.
  3. No we store your passwords, so login and registration are exclusively through the authenticator links of social networks.
  4. No we store your email provided during authentication and registration on the site. The e-mail provided during the use of the e-commerce is for use, processing and storage exclusively for this purpose and for legal and legal reasons.
  5. We don't have access to your social media accounts. As much as we store the following data: Username, not we store and do not even ask for your passwords. No under no circumstances divulge your passwords, whether in the creation of ads and/or especially in comments.
  6. No it is possible to recover or change passwords through our website, as this data is in the possession of the respective social networks that were used for registration.
  7. No we will send you an email, messages or any other type of contact, requesting confirmation of passwords, emails or any other sensitive and confidential data.
  8. We collect the data of market behavior, search and search of items throughout the website, this applies to user logged in and not logged in, such data is for it to be displayed on the home page, search behavior within the website and other statistical functionalities. No being able to identify who searched, purchased or performed any traceable action on the site, about the respective items. Only the user himself has the knowledge of what his respective data is.
  9. No we store any sensitive and identifying data that can be processed in the use of functionalities involving Telegram.
  10. No we store any uploaded images on our website or any other platform. The images used, such as in the OCR feature, are processed and deleted during system execution. Where it is not possible to recover any used image file.
  11. The real value of the PIX key is only stored during the processing of the withdrawal request, after the completion of this processing such data is anonymized and this action cannot be undone. This data is not disclosed or displayed to any user other than the respective owner user and the RagStores administrators so that the transfer processes of the Wigdet service from Post Ads.

LGPD - General Data Protection Law (Brazil)

We are constantly working to ensure that the entire website complies with the LGPD and other terms of use and privacy policies required by third-party services that we use to operate the website. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Cloudflare.

Purpose of use and processing of data
  1. The data stored by us, see paragraph above, is used for the correct relationship between the respective user (author) and your advertisement (post/publication). As well as for the respective comments and other features of the site.
  2. We do not publish any type of publication on the profile or on behalf of your user used in the login services. In other words, we do not perform any other action with your Facebook, Twitter, Discord or Google login other than authentication to access this website.
  3. It is necessary at least the Username of the login service, so that the user is always correctly directed to his/her respective account and data of exclusive use on this website, of which he/she has full permission to change.
  4. No we carry out any type of tracking, sniffing, tracer or any other method of tracking and analysis of any kind with the data or social networks provided during login/access through the aforementioned services. See section on Cookies collected.
About data on minors

No knowingly collect data from children (under the age of 13). If you are under 13 years of age, please ask your parent or legal guardian to make correct and supervised use of the website as a whole. Level Up and Mercado Pago may use the data for analysis and anti-money laundering measures, anti-fraud mechanisms, as well as for compliance with regulatory obligations related to the subject. Be sure to read more about our Wiki Store https://wiki.ragstores.com/wiki/Loja

Request your data in use and deletion of it
  1. Currently there is 1 (one) way to request access to which data we have regarding your account and/or to delete it, as well as the permanent deletion of your account on the website:
    1. In the bottom left corner is a blue AdOpt button.
    2. Click on it, then choose the Opt-Out option.
    3. Read the page carefully and make your request.

Attention: The request to delete cookies and/or data cannot be undone. Therefore, if you choose the option to delete the data, it will completely eliminate any and all records of you in our database and cannot be undone.

We reserve the right to complete all data deletion and delivery processes within three (3) months of the date of request.

Last updated: December 29, 2023